Professinal. Modern. Malovnycha.

A team of experts that creates unique projects. We know how to find the perfect solution for each client and provide a professional and creative result. We are lazy! Therefore, we work immediately with an emphasis on efficiency, because there is no time to "rework", we strive to scale and improve!

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Nili Lotan

Too lazy, that's why we appreciate time

We perform tasks on time and with maximum efficiency, we do not waste time. Find out how we will work

Systematize the necessary tasks

Imagine the situation: your friend recommends WordPress because he heard that it is a good solution for a new site and now you are clearly aware that your project will be on WP. Great technology, but you have an online store with more than 3,000 items, not a blog or a catalog. Remember, working with us, you get exactly the technology that is really necessary. We don't sell, we develop.

We conduct business analysis

Every project is a work "from scratch". We find out how your competitors are working, using tools and cons. Having a complete picture of your field, we will create exactly the project that will work to achieve the set goals.

We prescribe and fix the stages

We document every stage and function, even the functionality of the call button. We prescribe the stages of work execution and "sprints" in order to clearly understand at what level of readiness the project is. A clear structure always helps in speeding up the result and protects against unwanted bugs.

You drink coffee, we work

Our task is to create a tool that will perform the tasks you set, and not waste time on constant conversations and discussions. Malovnychaya's team is as deep as possible in the work process, so you have time for your tasks while we work.

We test and check

Before the final launch, we conduct tests. You should receive a fully working project, without errors and bugs. But let's be honest – something can "slip out" sometimes.

The services we offer

How exactly we will work. We respect our customers' time and demand the same treatment for us

Do you have a unique project?

Let's start discussing!

We are trusted

Each project is a unique design and timely work

Why is it profitable to work with us?

We know how to adjust the work algorithm so that you get the best results


We work honestly and transparently

We conclude a contract with guarantees and obligations


We immerse ourselves in business as much as possible

We study the market in which you operate in detail


We teach and support

One month of project support


Reporting and phasing

You see the entire work process


Flexible payment system

70/30, 60/40, 50/50


Individual design and development

We create a unique design for your target audience

The technologies we use

Malovnycha's team knows most of the popular technologies and uses them as much as possible